Don't understand Bahasa Indonesia / Malay?

This website is designed for Indonesian players, which why we have all in Bahasa Indonesia, and some Malaysian players probably understand some here and there. We could translate to English if we need to, but right now our group is focusing on Indonesian players. If you are not Indonesian/Malaysian players, you are still welcome! We can communicate in English, write, and speak in English, so if you are interested in joining our tournaments, one of requirements is to join our WA (Whatsapp by Meta/Facebook) group. You have to install it on your phone and then join the group. Here the link for our group. The WA group is to communicate when we want to play (when one or more players want to open a table for the tournamen). Without joining the group, it will be hard for you to join our tables.

Our tournaments most likely open for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week or 1 month where you can play anytime others available to play. There are certain rules, like only can play with players in the tournament, and with maximum games to be counted. We score differently, like when you win a Solo you get 5 pts, and when you win a Pairs you get 4 pts. Check our current standings. We play at VIPSpades, and report the results here in this page. Most of our tournaments are free with total $10 prizes, but we may have monthly or quarterly bigger tournaments with total $100+ prizes.

We also develop ELO RATING for our players. Every games that you play in the tournaments will be rated in our system. Everyone starts with 1200 rating, and continue from there. Please check our current ratings.

We do not cheat. We define cheating is communicating with other players during the play telling what to do or giving cards information using other media such as text messages, voice and including emojis. We play to win, and if you think our players helping each other during the play it is just a coincidence. We forbid players to use card counter and bot/AI applications. If you think our players playing unfairly, please report to us. Spades are games where players are tackling each other, so sometimes what you see as unfair play just a part of the game.

Best Regards, Waru/Spades Indonesia